An Introduction to Mindful Fashion

What is mindful fashion?

The short answer is actually what it isn’t: mindful fashion is the opposite of mindless fashion and over-consumption. The long answer is that mindful fashion is thoughtfully creating a wardrobe that is unique to you and your personality and style, the items are made to last, are able to be effortlessly mixed and matched, their design and manufacture is gentle on the environment, as well as having a positive ethical social impact. The end result is loving what you wear, and looking and feeling good about yourself and the positive difference you are making.

Quality over Quantity

The aim of a mindfully created wardrobe is that each piece is true quality. It fits well, is made well and will last for many years. These items may (or may not) cost more than we’re used to spending on clothes, but the benefit is that we don’t have to keep consuming. A well-made timeless item can be worn for many years, saving us shopping time and more decision making. Having been more mindfully purchased, the item is likely to make us feel more special when we wear it.

To get to this stage we need to change our mindset towards purchases. It’s not about watching the sales and see if anything comes up that we like. It’s about thoughtfully deciding what is missing from our wardrobe and looking for the right pieces to fill the gaps.

A minimal, simplified wardrobe doesn’t mean less choice. It means that more pieces will mix and match together so we can create lots of different looks, but we will have less clutter to deal with, and be confident that every item in our wardrobe is there for a reason.

The less we consume, the less stuff we have, then the more spacious our wardrobes, homes, and lives are. Breathing room to give more appreciation to the people and things we love. Less really is more.

Your Individual Style

We all have unique personalities, body types, and style. Mindful fashion is about embracing our uniqueness and having fun with our fashion decisions. It’s about spending time learning about our unique, individual style and making conscious and consistent buying decisions in line with this unique style, rather than following the latest fad. When we dress in a way that reflects our individual style and body shape we will feel better about ourselves and be more confident and happy throughout the day. Taking a mindful approach to our individual style also saves us time and money because we don’t have to keep up with the latest trends. Instead, we can spend time tuning into our thoughts and feelings and update our wardrobe to align with any changes.

Buying Ethically

Our purchases can have a big impact in making our world a better place. We can demand more transparency from the fashion industry over the work conditions and living wages for the people in the supply chain who make our fabrics and our clothes. By buying quality rather than quantity, consuming and wasting less, and making our clothes last longer, we will reduce our environmental footprint. Ethical purchases don’t have to be expensive, and there are savvy ways of spreading our purchases across cheaper secondhand items and some key wardrobe pieces that are worth investing more money into. By being more mindful of each purchase, however small, we are making a difference.

Over to You

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A bit about Merry-Ishi

Melissa is mum of three and founder of Merry-Ishi. Her goal is to empower mums like you to love what you wear and feel good about yourself, all while taking a mindful, ethical approach.