How to Resist the Lure of Sales

Mindful fashion tips to truly save you money

Good luck to those who dare to enter any Brisbane shopping centre and resist the lure of the fashion sales. Those bright sales signs in their captivating red colour and hulking great, bold font. And it’s not just once a year; there are always sales on that are too good to be true (making me question the true value of all this stuff, but I digress).

The story I want to talk about is one fluorescent day in my life as a modern mum of 3 kids. After school drop-off I bravely ventured with my 2 youngest kids to a particularly large north-side shopping centre to buy some necessities. On our way to the kids’ section of H&M we passed the women’s clothing. Oh, those vibrant colours and hypnotic patterns! How it tested my will power to keep walking past them. Then I saw the sales signs and the prices, and I felt the physical urge to push everyone out of my way (kids included) and leap towards those cheap, cheap beauties to try them on. For a fashion-loving, bargain-hunting mama like me who doesn’t go to clothes shops very often I’m extremely proud of myself for resisting the lure of the sales. Here are a few things that helped me that day, and they might help you too if you’re a fashion-loving budget-conscious shopper. These tips will save you money, time, and give you happy tingles knowing you don’t need to shop the sales.

Stay focused on your shopping list

I wrote a specific list of what I needed, and which shops I needed to go to. A smidge of preparation, but indubitably worth the 2-minute investment. My kids will tolerate the shops for a little while, but the clock is always ticking before any shopping trip ends in tears — whether it’s an eruption of the tantrum of all tantrums or a peak in the whining. I knew that if I didn’t get the things on my list I’d have to waste another day to bring the kids back to the shops. Time is precious, and so is my sanity.

  • Write a shopping list.

  • Do the essentials first, then if there’s time and the kids are happy, indulge in some browsing for clothes on your wardrobe wish list. Be guided by the gaps in your wardrobe, not the mind games that sales signs play on you.

Mantras to keep you focused

Some things I say to myself to help me stay focused on my shopping list…

  • It’s not a bargain if I don’t need it.

  • It’s not a bargain if I’m not going to wear it.

  • Everything is always on sale. I’ll shop another time.

It makes me giggle to think how I must look at times like these. My face must be switching between gazing longingly at those beautiful clothes and turning away in pained determination while I’m mouthing these mantras. While I’m sure you will express more grace than I do, it is worth noting that these mantras are probably best said silently. And confidently.

Have a wardrobe wish list

Mindfully curating a wardrobe that reflects your individual personality and lifestyle involves a plan. Adding items to your wardrobe on an ad hoc basis might not help you to feel good about yourself if you buy something that: isn’t flattering; isn’t really your style; doesn’t match anything in your wardrobe; or if you only bought it because of the price and that dreadful fear of missing out.

I have a free eBook and mini course that sets out in 5 simple steps how you can curate your wardrobe to look and feel effortlessly chic every day. In your own, unique way. It also comes with a free wardrobe wish list for you to download, to help you stay focused on the gaps in your wardrobe. When you know what clothes you truly need, that’s when the sales can work for your budget!

A bit about Merry-Ishi Mindful Fashion

Melissa is mum of three and founder of Merry-Ishi. Her goal is to empower mums like you to love what you wear and feel good about yourself, all while taking a mindful, ethical approach. Op-shopping and hoarding vintage fabrics are her life diversions.

Fashion Pinspiration

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