Why hello there, konnichiwa! My name is Melissa Somerville, and I am the owner of Merry-Ishi. 

I have a son, and I know all too well how hard it is to find clothes that he loves (and that I love) in the small selection of boys' clothes squished into a teeny tiny corner, trying not to be completely obliterated by the abundant clothing selection for little girls. Won't somebody think of the boys?! 

I have a deep passion for Japanese language and culture. I lived in Japan for three of the most amazing, surprising, and merry years of my life. The city of Ishinomaki in Miyagi Prefecture is my second home. It's my happy place. It motivates and inspires me every day. So, it's only natural that my clothing range for boys is inspired by Japan.

The Merry-Ishi clothing range is designed and made by me, in Brisbane, Australia. My son is an energetic, inquisitive, and busy boy, which makes him a very helpful clothing tester! My clothes are comfortable, and easy to move and play in. They are cute, and let little boys dress like little boys. But, most of all, they are funky and stylish, and help little boys to express their individual personalities through a greater choice of clothing designed and made especially for them.