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Mindful Fashion

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Feel good fashion

Hi mama. I’m Melissa. Mum to three, energetically in search of my best self, striving to live mindfully. It’s so good to have you here.

If there’s only one thing you walk away with after visiting this special corner of mine on the interwebs, it is this:

How we feel about ourselves matters.

After my youngest bub joined our family two years ago I gave myself permission to have fun reconnecting with who I am right now. What I love to do, what my style is, and how I want my clothes to make me feel. 

The fact is when we become busy mamas – and juggling all the things - the time we spend on making ourselves FEEL good is minimal.

It’s what we do as modern mums.

But it’s time to feel good, lovely mama.

I can see now how a few simple tweaks to my mindset have transformed my days. When we step out into the world feeling good, we radiate love and joy and make those around us feel the same. And so our days are easier and calmer.

From a practical perspective, I’ve been refining (and still learning!) how to mindfully create a wardrobe that makes modern mamas look and feel great every day. I have an abundance of free resources to help you reconnect with your individual style, shop your current wardrobe, and simple yet savvy shopping strategies.

I wholeheartedly believe that a self-loving mindset partnered with a more mindful wardrobe can change the way we experience motherhood. I’d love for you to join me in a fun, fashion journey.

Melissa x


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